Did You Say …?

Fall/Winter 2018

For Target’s Fall 2018 campaign we were tasked with creating a campaign that expressed the true feeling guests experience when at Target. We looked no further than the beloved nickname guests have dubbed unto the brand for years… Targét. To acknowledge this, we constructed a campaign that hinted at this beloved nickname without Target actually saying anything from the brand.

The campaign’s anthem film premiered the night of the 2018 70th annual primetime Emmy Awards.

The :60 anthem film was accompanied by bespoke :06 sec films that nodded at pop culture moments in tow with the rhyming cadence of the campaign. To further evoke Target’s ever-optimistic personality, the brand partnered with the iconic Chaka Khan to spread that Targét feeling with her track “Like Sugar”.


Targét also found it’s way into pop culture… touché.


The Targét spirit was brought to life in the real world via bespoke outdoor executions and subway takeovers, in major domestic hubs such as New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Minneapolis.



Make it Targét

Spring/Summer 2019

The campaign continued making the everyday Targét for the remainder of the year, with a revised design and story-telling approach for Spring/Summer 2019.


For our second installment of this Targét campaign bespoke outdoor executions were created, in major domestic hubs such as New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Minneapolis.