Did You Say …?

For Target’s Fall 2018 campaign we were tasked with creating a campaign expressing the true feeling guests experience when at Target. We looked no further than the beloved nickname that embodies the attitude and persona that the Target brand has always had with its guests. We constructed a campaign that hinted at this beloved nickname without Target actually saying anything from it’s brand.

The campaign’s anthem film premiered the night of the 2018 Emmy’s accompanied by bespoke :06 sec films that nodded at pop culture moments in tow with the rhyming cadence of the campaign.

It started with guests. For them, Targét was an expression of affection that caught on and encouraged people to play. The Targét spirit is a poptimistic point of view. An enthusiasm for the everyday. It’s the ability to look at ordinary moments and see something more. It’s the secret sauce.That little extra something that dials up everything we do and shows the world that anything worth doing is worth doing with style.


Targét gives you a way to put your stamp on things. A way of discovering what makes you, you. And to owning it. Targét means more than just dancing like no one is watching, but dressing, decorating, cooking and living.