Droga5's Women's Initiative

Only 14.2 percent of the top-five leadership positions at the companies in the S&P 500 are held by women. While women control 80 percent of all consumer spending, they only represent 25 percent of advertising leadership roles. Our women's initiative, S/he, aims to provide  leadership and begin closing that gap across the industry. 



S/he aspires to achieve gender equality at Droga5 and, eventually beyond our walls. Our mission is to recruit, retain and coach women into positions of senior leadership. In 2016 our focus turns to the critical role men play in achieving our mission — as mentors and participants in our programs.



S/he strives to provide tools and opportunities for Droga5 women to learn and grow into kickass leading ladies in the advertising industry. S/he host events. S/he holds forums. S/he provokes discussion about the stuff that matters. S/he does a lot – all to help raise the next wave of female leaders and become that much closer to achieving gender equality.


Event Posters


CW: Emily Berger

ACD: Jen Hays

DESIGN: Annette Berry and Jen Lally