Diet Coke

Retweets of Love

It takes three seconds for someone to Tweet and less than three seconds to Retweet. We wanted to change this thoughtless action of Retweeting into a meaningful one.  We decided to Retweet 33 of Diet Coke's biggest fans' tweets everywhere and anywhere we could, to help celebrate 33 years of Diet Coke's unique and unforgettable taste. We ultimately wanted to return the love that Diet Coke drinkers shared with us on Twitter in beautiful and grand ways, as one big thank you.



Retweets1-3 | Animated Times Square Billboard

Artists:  Jeff Rogers, Marta Cerdà Alimbau and Erik Marinovich


Retweet 4 | Painted Mural in Manhattan

            Artist:  Gemma O'Brien


Retweet 15 | Guitar Case

            Artist: Jeff Rogers




Retweets 16-17 | Digital Posters

Artists: Luke Lucas and Like Minded Studios


Retweet 18 | Back Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Artist:  Jeff Rogers


Retweets 19-22 | Custom Cans

Artists: Marta Cerdà Alimbau, Alison CarmichaelLuke Lucas and Sarah Coleman


Retweet 23| Ice Tray

Artist: Ben Johnston


Retweet 24| Flip-Flops

Artist: Ben Johnston


Retweet 25 | Soaps with corresponding emoji accent soaps

Artist: Ben Johnston


Retweets 26-27| Jewelry


Retweets 28-30 | T-Shirts

Artists: Gemma O'Brien and Jeff Rogers


Retweet 31 | Ice Sculpture

Artist: Like Minded Studios


Retweet 32 | Matching Sweaters

Artist: Alison Carmichael


Retweet 33 | Interactive Diet Coke Installation

In collaboration with Tool Productions




D&AD Wood Pencil - Art Direction      

One Show Merit - Art Direction     

One Show Merit - Typography        





The Coca-Cola Company    

The Drum     

Ads of the World    



Jr. CW: Tori Nygren

Sr. AD: Emmie Nostitz

Sr. CW: Erica Pressly