Born and raised at high-altitude in the Colorado Rockies, I grew up with my head a bit in the clouds.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, I came down to earth slightly and moved to Atlanta where I studied art direction at the Creative Circus.  During this time I also pursued paper aeronautics engineering.

To soar through mental blocks, I would send off paper airplanes from my (lucky) 13th-story apartment balcony.  Despite the distance these little featherless wonders would make, (almost always) the following morning they would find their way back to threshold of my front door; with no trace of how they mysteriously returned.  Either an unknown culprit was playing an arguably terrifying trick, or these paper planes were crafted with such genius that they were the first-of-their-kind to safely complete a full round-trip flight. 

I prefer to think the latter.

I continue to live above sea-level and work from my current perch as an Art Director at Droga5 in New York City.